For Bank On certification in the Treasure Valley and the opportunity to set up a checking account, program participants must complete three financial education classes online totaling approximately three hours.

Description of the classes

EARN | Your Income and Expenses | This game and its resources can help you track and understand your income (money coming in) and expenses (money going out). Class length: approximately 45 minutes.
SAVE | You Can Bank On It | This game and its resources cover banking services and can help you build a positive relationship with a financial institution. Class length: approximately 75 minutes.
SPEND | Your Spending and Saving Plan | This game and its resources can help you use information about your income and expenses to develop a spending and saving plan. Class length: approximately 50 minutes.

NOTE: This delivery method is all on-line so in-person classes are not needed.

Bank On classes are based on the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s Money Smart curriculum.