Through Bank On, it’s a simple process for individuals in our community to get connected to low-cost, starter checking, savings and loan accounts.

The Steps

  1. Click the following link
  2. Then click on Register Now on this page (under the Log in section)
  3. Complete the following REQUIRED modules with a score of 80% or higher on the quiz questions.
    a. Check it Out – Part 1
    b. Check it Out – Part 2
    c. Money Matters
    d. Pay Yourself First
  4. Once you have successfully completed all four modules (listed above) send your four certificates to Joyce at United Way of Treasure Valley in exchange for an electronic BankOn certificate that will allow you to open a basic checking account at a participating financial institution (a list of participating financial institutions will also be provided). If you would prefer a hardcopy of the BankOn certificate be sent to you, please provide us with your mailing address.
  5. Choose a participating bank or credit union close to you.
  6. Start putting money in your bank account – where it belongs.

NOTE: If you have been involved in fraudulent activity, you may not qualify for a Bank On product.